….very professional and knows exactly how to work on a stressed body. Your energy, style and method are wonderful, and I will definitely go back and recommend her to anyone.


Mary, New York, NY


The massage and Thai yoga bodywork have been doing wonders for me. The biggest difference...is the improved mobility in my hips ... and that it lasts for days.


Jim, Garden City, NY

“...trying to steal a base at my son's father-son baseball game in Atlanta and something felt like it popped in my right heel and ankle area. Shortly afterwards I was in a lot of pain and discomfort, wincing when I walked. The coach said I should have stretched before - wish I had. By the time the massage was nearly over, my foot felt  100% better.  As of today, my foot continues to be back to normal. See you next time I am in NYC!”

–  Dan, Atlanta, GA   July 2016


“That was impressive! My neck feels remarkably (or so much) better. I have been working 18 hour days, staring at a computer & my neck got so tight. It really helped! I am from Taiwan, working in the states for a few years. And this was my first massage. ...thank u very much I appreciated. It's amazing I feel I'm alive again. Seriously. I've been having the stiff neck problem for quite some time. Have a great night.”

–  Hans, Stony Brook, NY   May 2016


“...This is wonderful! ...thanks to you I slept like a baby last night and feel real loose today. I look forward to seeing you soon. ....you got a new client.”

–  Glen, Brooklyn, NY   May 2016


“On my way to your office I had a stiff neck and could only turn it partially to right. The muscles were very tight with a lot of discomfort, especially when attempting to turn. After the massage, it was back to normal and I could move it as usual. This is unbelievable.”

–  Norman, Brooklyn, NY   May 2016


“The massage and Thai yoga bodywork have been doing wonders for me. The biggest difference I see is the improved mobility in my hips ... and that it lasts for days. My doctor looking at the X¬ray said, 'With the way your hip looks, I am surprised you are not in pain or discomfort' . . . I tried many methods and treatments, including pilates and massage elsewhere, and so far working with you and doing Thai massage here has been only way I have seen lasting improvement.”

–  Jim, Garden City,    May 2016


“No complaints. I used to have back aches. But I don't have them anymore. Maybe it's because I have been coming to massage. I don't know.”....”The stretching (in Thai massage) is the best part and most fun.”

- Moses, Brooklyn, NY   May 2016


“That may have been the best massage I ever had ... You really are talented. “

–  Kevin, Chicago, IL   May 2016


“...terrific! I know I have to keep it up and stretch on my own but the difference I feel just walking and even when I put on my socks was meaningful. Thank you. ...you give a very good massage.”

–  Jim, New York, NY   May 2016


“It is an absolute pleasure working with my [Lotus One] massage therapist. She is intuitive, personable, attentive to areas in need of extra work, and extraordinarily caring and professional. As a marathon runner, massages are as integral a part of my training as running, hydration, and nutrition. My therapist is part of that routine. As we have worked together for a number of weeks, she has come to understand the stress and strain of my particular aches and pains from running¬ knowing when my body requires a firmer effort or a more gentle stretch. As for today’s massage, it was probably the single best massage I have ever received. My legs were sore and pained. After our session, I was able to run without discomfort¬ something I haven’t done in 4 weeks¬ 11 miles. What really was great is her ability to get my completely comfortable. Her professionalism is incredible. I was so totally relaxed and at ease during the session. I think we made a serious breakthrough in my leg heaviness. The entire massage was a great pleasure.”

–  Michael, New York, NY   January 2016


"I usually have pain in my left shoulder and hand due to an accident. And, the mobility of my shoulder is usually affected. Since my last appointment, I have observed a noticeable difference in the way I feel after my first appointment a week ago. Dampness from the weather no longer bothers me as it usually does. This is very gratifying."

–  Bruce, Insurance Agent, New York, NY


"I have had a lot of stress lately. After the session, I feel much better ¬ better both physically and emotionally."

–  BM, Salesman, New York, NY


"....very professional and knows exactly how to work on a stressed body. Her energy, style and method are wonderful, and I will definitely go back and recommend her to anyone."

–  Mary L, Grad Student, New York, NY,


"I came in in pain after a very difficult fall down a long flight of stairs onto cement. My body was in pain ¬ on my left shoulder, hip and feet. The bodywork and healing eased the pain and I was soon walking again with ease."

–  TJ, business consultant, New York, NY


"Once or twice a year, I have sciatica that prevents me from going to work because it is so painful. I went thinking I could reduce my stress and help the healing process. To my surprise, not only did it do that but I was also able to walk around and return to work without use of doctor¬prescribed pain killers, which I try to avoid. I was back at work quicker than ever, and I took good care of myself gently in this situation so there was none of the usual 'pushing through pain'. Caring for myself was the new priority." ¬

–  TL, Salesman, New York, NY


"I am able to run much better, quicker and with greater ease after Thai yoga bodywork. My hips feel so much more open and not as tight. Thanks."

–  PN, Actor, New York, NY


"I have been receiving bodywork somewhat regularly from here and other practitioners. This year I realized I don't have the usual stiffness I once experienced in my joints and body, especially my knees. I can't say for sure cause and effect, but I will keep going to get bodywork and massage."

–  Mark, Advertising Executive, New York, NY


"Your bodywork felt like nothing I have ever experienced before! It was velvet, smooth; It had texture and COLOR! It was more an experience than any other bodywork that I've had before."

–  Eva, Psychologist, New York, NY


"My work is very time intensive and demanding. Consequently, I become so absorbed in work that I lose sight of appreciating the world and people around me. When I take a break from work, say on vacation, I feel more clear and aware. When I do get bodywork and massage from you, it brings peace to my body and allows me to feel more aware of my surroundings with better connection, observation and peace of mind."

–  JC, Computer Programmer, New York, NY


"I have been working with the therapist for a year focusing on energy and intuitive healing. This has helped me gain great clarity in my life. I feel like I am moving forward more peacefully, with greater balance and ease."

–  JS, New York, NY


"That was an hour and a half of ecstasy", when referring to his Thai yoga bodywork, assisted stretching and Tui na acupressure session."

–  MJ, Realtor and business owner, New York, NY



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